Project Experience

Hana and Procon bring together two teams with extensive experience providing successful solutions and project delivery for federal clients. 

    Rockville, Maryland

    Procon provided construction management, commissioning, and move management services for this lease consolidation project of 513,000 square feet.

    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) project consisted of a new base building core and shell and tenant fit-out inclusive of acoustic ceilings, flooring, lighting, IT infrastructure and devices, security infrastructure and devices, millwork, painting, doors and hardware. There were also blast protection upgrades to key structural columns. GSA delivered the project to NIAID on a floor-by-floor basis. The project sought LEED Gold Certification for Commercial Interiors.

    Arlington, VA

    Hana is providing geotechnical and environmental engineering support for the pre-design planning and design phases of this project. Hana evaluated available geotechnical data to determine potential geotechnical constraints at the site and to recommend additional geotechnical testing necessary to support the design for the cemetery expansion. Hana also compiled and analyzed historical data and reports related to potential Hazardous, Toxic or Radioactive Waste (HTRW) at the site. Hana is currently supporting the design team in developing plan drawings and specifications and is tasked with performing hydrology and seepage analysis using recently installed temporary groundwater monitoring wells.

    Washington, DC

    Procon provides ongoing construction and program management services for the multi-year, multi-phase redevelopment of this 176-acre high security federal campus.

    The $4.4 billion project consists of consolidating the headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security. The project includes 4.5 million SF of new construction and adaptive reuse of approximately 50 historic buildings. Construction of a state-of-the-art security perimeter fence, an operations command center, technology integration program, furniture installation, move management, and site related infrastructure improvements including roads, central utility operations, underground utilities, landscaping, and related improvements.

    Richmond Deep Water Terminal, VA

    Hana completed a dredged material evaluation in advance of the dredging phase for the Richmond Deep Water Terminal (RDWT) to collect and analyze the appropriate Tier II data necessary to document the physical and chemical characteristics of the sediments. The purpose was to determine compliance with numeric water quality standards and to facilitate appropriate placement options for dredged material from RDWT and the Richmond Deepwater Terminal to Hopewell (RTH) channel.

  • NASA Langley Research Center BIM
    Hampton, VA

    Procon worked with NASA and GSA to develop BIM and Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) standards that would serve as a proof of concept for the integration of BIM data into NASA’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The team used progressive as-built documentation to develop the integration of the COBie data into the CMMS. The 764-acre NASA Langley Research Center which consists of over 200 buildings and structures is undergoing a 15-year facility modernization program. As part of that effort NASA and GSA determined the need for improved efficiency and efficacy of the integration of design-build BIM models and its CMMS. The objective of the  “BIM for Facilities Management” project was to review processes related to data collection and handover from design/build construction team to NASA’s Facility Management group, and establish integration between the NASA New Town AOB1 project’s BIM Models and NASA’s LaRC IBM Maximo CMMS, and to evaluate effectiveness of the integration by applying quantitative and qualitative metrics. 

    Washington, DC

    Procon provided construction management services during the procurement, design, and construction phases for this eight-year design/build multi-year modernization project.

    The iconic Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) is a 686,706 SF high security federal office building which functions as the primary facility for White House support operations. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and occupies an entire city block. The project included replacement and upgrade of utilities, infrastructure, systems and equipment for MEP, including a new central utility plant, IT/telecom/data, physical security, fire and life-safety systems.

  • Little Rock Federal Building
    Little Rock, AR

    Procon provided construction management, and commissioning services for building envelope repair and systems modernization in a fully occupied 370,000 square foot office building.

    The Little Rock Federal Building, constructed in 1961, is a seven story concrete encased steel-frame office building undergoing systems modernization project while remaining fully occupied. The project includes full replacement of fire suppression and fire alarm systems, and repair to building envelope. The project also entails repair and replacement of exterior hardscapes and building diagnostics for persistent water infiltration.

  • U.S. Department of Transportation
    Washington, DC

    Procon provided construction management services during the procurement, design, and construction phases for a 2 million square foot headquarters complex for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

    The U.S. Department of Transportation project consisted of new construction of a 2 million-square foot cabinet-level headquarters building on an 11-acre site in the Navy Yard Annex Historic District along the Anacostia waterfront in southeast Washington, DC. The eight and nine story towers of colored precast concrete includes space for 5,000 employees, an underground concourse connecting the two towers, and a two-level, below-grade parking garage for 950 cars.

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Washington, DC

    Procon provided construction management services during design, construction, and commissioning for major full-building HVAC retrofit and interiors upgrade.

    The $26.9 million design-build project included HVAC retrofit and interior upgrades for the 260,000 SF building. The project was a multi-phased construction project in an occupied federal building.

    The scope of the project included upgrading current HVAC air distribution systems, new lighting and control systems, modifications to the existing power distribution system, plumbing upgrades, and window replacement. Complete interior upgrades were implemented on each floor including asbestos abatement, IT upgrades, fire alarm and fire protection replacement, new acoustic ceilings, carpet replacement, lighting doors, hardware, mill-work, and painting.

    Portsmouth, VA

    Hana performed a site characterization and subsequent remediation at an Operable Unit at this Coast Guard base in Virginia. The company provided all project plans, including an erosion and sediment control plan, and conducted characterization of debris piles and surrounding soils for suspected metals contamination. Hana installed a construction entrance and silt fence to demarcate nearby wetlands, then used tracked all-terrain equipment to remove debris from the Operable Unit to a staging area.  Debris was later shipped to a landfill.  Confirmation samples were used to validate removal of contaminated media.  In total, 692 tons of soil and debris were disposed of, and Hana completed the 30-day project six days ahead of schedule as a result of the company’s time-saving equipment and material handling techniques.

    Portsmouth, VA

    As part of the US Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District’s overall CIDMMA Dredged Material Management Plan update effort, Hana developed a comprehensive facility data management plan that will assist USACE in managing the information related to the facility’s operations, in evaluating the facility’s lifespan (current and future storage capacities), and in running the facility’s day-to-day and future operations and maintenance activities. Hana identified data objectives and detailed how data formats would be digitized and standardized; developed a method for data management; and developed a procedure for data management to enable use of a central database platform and file-based server.

    Savannah, GA

    Hana performed an underwater geophysical survey of five areas encompassing 105 acres within the Savannah River in support of the harbor’s expansion project, to determine whether any anomalies were present in the river that may pose a hazard to dredging operations. The surveyed area included portions of the main shipping channel and an area where a Civil Water battleship was previously discovered. The geophysical survey included bathymetric survey using a multiphase echo sounder, side scan sonar survey, and magnetic survey using a Geometrics G-882 Transverse Gradiometer. The area to be surveyed was initially underestimated by approximately 25%; however, Hana executed the additional fieldwork within the original deadlines, and the entire project was completed in 92 days.